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Posts tagged ‘World War I’

Colleagues: Gerald F. Sanger

Gerald Fountaine Sanger was a co-founder of British Movietone News.  He was Executive Editor from 1929 to 1954 and on the board of directors until his retirement in 1964.

He was born in 1898 and was educated first at a preparatory school then to Shrewsbury School, a public school, and finally to Oxford University. Read more

“New Designs, Old Traditions” 1959

As an instrument of the national Government, The Australian Broadcasting Commission was obliged to produce material that showed the government in good light.  Oscar Whitbread had been commissioned to produce a programme about the Australian Army in the Talks Department’s Panorama series.

This was the first time that the programme “Panorama” had used a thirty minute documentary film rather than talking heads. It was September 1959. Read more