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Colleagues: Jan Borg

Jan Borg, for many years, a cameraman with UPMT., UPIN, UPITN and WTN, the same company with four different names.  He was born May 1st 1938 in Oslo.

He was, formerly, a journalist, a war correspondent and filmmaker. Read more

Cameraman tales: Ed Vankan – Stanleyville massacre 1964

In the early sixties, Ed Vankan was a UPMT/UPIN cameraman.  He was sent to the former Belgian Congo to cover the fighting between Belgian forces, Congolese political groups and mercenaries who attached themselves to all sides.  While in the area, he contributed written reports to UPI.  One can only assume that he wrote his report during a lull in the fighting, if there was one. Read more

Colleagues: Victor Mardon – Movietone

Victor Mardon first joined Pathe at the age of 21 in 1921.  Movietone produced the first sound newsreel in 1929 and in the following year, Victor joined them as an engineer working out of a workshop in Conway Street, close to Fitzroy Square.

Victor Mardon was a brilliant engineer and proved that he was, on more than one occasion, during his long career with the company. Read more

Mrs Thatcher visits Foley Street

In the early eighties, UPITN, who had been housed within ITN House since 1969, moved round the corner into Foley Street where they had much more room.  I had been based in the building since 1979 as Head of Commercial Productions, where I had an office together with the accounts department of UPITN.  In 1982, the building was renovated and internally re-designed to take in the rest of the UPITN staff. Read more

Colleagues: Sir Mohinder Dhillon

Having worked in the film and television industry for over fifty years, I realise that I have been privileged in having worked alongside some of the finest technicians the industry has produced.

I have worked with some of the best cameramen, great men, talented, dedicated men who would be embarrassed at reading the comments that I make.

Outstanding, even among these gentlemen, is Mohinder Dhillon, now Sir Mohinder Dhillon. Read more

The BBC drop UPIN

At the end of 1964, the Labour Government had been in power for a few months and one of the first deeds they performed was to tell the B.B.C. to economise.  I don‘t know what else the B.B.C. did to economise, but they decided to end the contract with United Press Movietone Television. The B.B.C. was the first client of UPMT in 1955 but in 1957, the B.B.C. were co-founders of an opposing television news agency known as British Commonwealth International News Agency or BCINA.  The rest of the owners were ABC Australia, CBC of Canada and strangely NBC of America. Read more

Thoughts about moving on – 1955

I had worked at Movietonews since 1945 and, by 1955, I was well schooled in the technique of motion pictures.  I had sat through miles of “rushes” and seen them edited. I had seen the rushes of almost four thousand news stories.  As time went on, I became more and more critical of the Movietonews “cutters”. Read more

The Birth of United Press Movietone Television

In the early 50s, we only had one television broadcaster.  The Conservative Government had approved the establishment of a commercial television broadcaster.  This was due to start in September of 1955.  However, in 1954, BBC television did not have a news bulletin as we know them today.  They assumed that most people would gather their news from the radio, and this was probably true.

At some stage they introduced a television news programme that consisted of the Ten O’clock News from BBC radio with a caption card.

Knowing that ITV was on the horizon and ITN was to be created, the BBC decided to do something about it. Read more

Colleagues: Richard S. Clark – UPMT

Richard Skrede Clark was born May 30th, 1915 in Chicago, Illinois.  He gained a BA degree, in 1937, from the University of Michigan in History and Political Science.

Between 1937 and 1940, he was a credit investigator, a travelling salesman and the editor of a weekly paper.

In August 1940, he joined United Press based in Chicago and Indianapolis where he worked as a reporter and sub-editor. From August 1941 to December 1945, he was enlisted in the U.S. Army rising from Private Soldier to 1st Lieutenant in the Infantry. Read more

A Meeting In Menton 1968

In January 1968, we were once more engaged in filming The Monte Carlo Rally for Nissan Motors of Japan after successfully covering the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally for them.  At the start of the second circuit, Vittorio Della Valle and I went off to Menton.

From there, the cars turned inland towards the mountains. We filmed the leading cars and the Datsuns leaving us at a roundabout in Menton.

With nothing more to do for the day, the cars being away from Monaco overnight, we decided to look for somewhere to have lunch. Read more