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The Emirates in 1976 – The trees in the desert

This article follows on from the previous article: The Emirates in 1976 – An evening at the Ministry of Information.

On the third day of our visit to The United Arab Emirates, I wanted to get something shot just to get us on the way.  Fortunately, I had made an arrangement to meet Les Bailey from the English Nursery, Les’ company had been commissioned to plant thousands of trees into the desert.  I was to go with him to one of his work locations in the desert. Read more

The Emirates in 1976 – doing the deal

In the Autumn of 1976, Yasar Durra, our Middle East Representative at UPITN,  obtained a commission from the United Arab Emirates to produce three films.  One was on the Villages that had been built to house their Bedouin people. This was an attempt to deter them from moving into the towns which were booming with the growth of the oil industry. Sheikh Zayed did not want the untrained, and, at that time probably uneducated, Bedouin doing menial jobs in the new industries. Read more

The Emirates in 1976 – Our fellow guests

We at UPITN had been asked to make three films in the United Arab Emirates.   I was to produce and direct the films which were to be about re-afforestation, the Bedouin Villages and a film about the U.A.E. itself, which will be published in the future. We based ourselves at the Khalidiya Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

There was an interesting group of inmates at the Khalidiya Palace Hotel.  There were a large number of British ex-pats and visitors as well as reps from most European countries, the U.S. and Japan. Read more

The Falcons 1977

The Ministry of Information in Abu Dhabi asked UPITN to make a major documentary on the subject of Falcons.  The Arabs are famous falconers and had been known to pay around $100,000 for a Peregrine.

In the deserts of the Emirates, the prey of the falcon was a bustard type bird called a Hubbarah.  The bird was an easy prey, it was cumbersome and was not used to lengthy flight, but almost bounced along, flying a few yards before grounding and walking a while before taking off again.  One assumes that the bird was edible, otherwise, what’s the point. Read more