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Podcast: In Melbourne Tonight, 6th May 1957

In the last podcast of the series, Terry recalls preparations for the first ever episode of “In Melbourne Tonight” with host Graham Kennedy at GTV9, on the 6th May 1957.  The series ran until 1970. Read more

Podcast: A typical working day at GTV9 1957

In the second podcast of the series, Terry describes a typical day for him, editing the early evening and late news for GTV9, starting at 9am and ending at 11pm.

The first newsreader Terry worked with was Tom Miller, and later Eric Pearce,in the early days the cameramen were Peter Hansford and Bill Beams and later Peter Purvis and Bob Lord. Read more

Back Screen Projection

UPIN received a commission from The Daily Mail around 1965 to produce a back screen projection to be shot for them to use with a live television commercial.  The shot required was of their own newsroom. Read more

News of the World Darts

I was asked to make a film of the “News of the World” Darts Championship which took place at Alexandra Palace each year.

I did it with three cameras, one of which was permanently on the dartboard, another from behind the thrower and the third looking back at the thrower.  It worked well.  However, I nearly missed the start of the tournament. Read more

Focus documentary series GTV9 1957

At GTV, Channel 9 Melbourne, it was decided to start a 15-minute documentary programme.   From time to time, we would receive film for the news service with enough material to make a much longer story.  It was felt that these items would be a a good source of material suitable for a news/documentary programme.  In addition, there were many subjects that could be specially assigned. Read more

The Birth of United Press Movietone Television

In the early 50s, we only had one television broadcaster.  The Conservative Government had approved the establishment of a commercial television broadcaster.  This was due to start in September of 1955.  However, in 1954, BBC television did not have a news bulletin as we know them today.  They assumed that most people would gather their news from the radio, and this was probably true.

At some stage they introduced a television news programme that consisted of the Ten O’clock News from BBC radio with a caption card.

Knowing that ITV was on the horizon and ITN was to be created, the BBC decided to do something about it. Read more

Our first television set 1949

At home in 1949 the major family event, apart from me leaving the army, was that we purchased a television set.  It was a Ferguson with a 9-inch screen, that is 9 inches from bottom left to top right.  We placed it on our dining room (kitchen) table which was round and about five feet across.  We could sit at the table watching it.  The size of the screen was irrelevant since the ratio of size and distance meant that the screen was big enough for us.

We had a blue monochrome picture.  The quality of the set was superb but, of course, there was only one channel, the BBC.  The broadcasting started late and finished early.  I believe that transmission, except for special events, started with children’s hour and ended at about ten fifteen at night. Read more

A typical newsday at GTV 1957

In the early days of GTV’s regular broadcasting, which started on January 19th 1957, the film department was hopelessly understaffed.

I was there as Senior Film Editor, with one other editor who had never handled sixteen millimetre film prior to his arrival.  In the beginning, Jim Healy was an assistant rather than an editor. However, the work-load was such that within a few months, he became a proficient editor. Read more

From guest contributor Derek Evans: Southern Television Ltd – Life after Movietone News

In 1966 I joined Southern Television as a Film Editor. Southern Television was situated in Northam, Southampton on reclaimed land from nearby River Itchen.  Southern Television began transmitting in late 1958 from a converted Plaza Cinema in Southampton and moved to Northam some years later. It’s domain consisted of two areas, one extending from the Isle of Wight, Weymouth, Marlborough, Basingstoke and Brighton and the other, a smaller area Dover. Read more

Operation Crowflight – ABV2 15th December 1960

50 years ago today, the Australian Broadcasting Commission in Melbourne (ABV2) premiered the film “Operation Crowflight” as part of it’s People programme.

Of course, many documentaries have their 50th anniversary, however, this was the first documentary film ever broadcast about the U2 aircraft and it’s mission in Australia. The film was made during historic times, the same year Gary Powers was captured by the Soviets after his U2 was shot down.  We had unprecedented access to the U2’s in action at R.A.A.F East Sale. Read more