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Movietone at War: Seventy years on

15th March 1944 – On this day the Second Battle of Cassino opened.  The town of Cassino was on a mountain to the east of the Monastery which had already been flattened.  Paul Wyand and Martin Gray were determined to get to the front to get a good view of the assault.  In the car they carried their American tent colleagues plus a third who had joined them for the ride.  He was Sherman “Monty” Montrose of United Press.

As they left the main highway to take a back road, they were stopped by an American colonel.  He said that that road was under continual German observation and that they had been firing at any movement they saw on it. Read more

Movietone at War: A month to remember

I thought that I might compare what some Movietone people were doing on and after D-Day in various locations.  So, this is the month of June 1944 as seen by Movietone. Read more

Movietone at War: filming the surrender at Lüneburg Heath

Movietone cameraman Paul Wyand and soundman Martin Gray moved on to Lüneburg Heath.  Luneberg had been captured by Montgomery’s forces on April 18th 1945, and was now the headquarters of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

Paul had met him in Italy where Monty had refused to allow Paul to use his sound camera, but here it seemed that Monty wanted to say a few words and have them recorded. Read more

Movietone at War: “Will you kindly leave him alone please ?”

Paul Wyand was Movietone’s chief cameraman.   He was a cameraman, with Movietone, for thirty years and during that time he had more than his fair share of “tales”. Read more

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode forty three

“Movietone cameraman Paul Wyand” – part two

Paul Wyand was a legendary newsreel cameraman for British Movietone News, he was the author of the book, “Useless if Delayed” published in 1959.  Part two of the podcast recalls his career after the end of the Second World War, filming the Coronation, and the feature length documentary Flight Of The White Heron, working with Orson Welles and his move from cameraman to being Assignments Manager and later Production Manager.

Read more

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode forty two

“Movietone cameraman Paul Wyand” – part one

Paul Wyand was a legendary newsreel cameraman for British Movietone News, he was the author of the book, “Useless if Delayed” published in 1959.  Part one of the podcast recalls his career up to the end of the Second World War.

Read more

Cameraman tales: “Only one eye, but what an eye !”

In early 1955, Independent Television News was created.  They were looking for staff, especially cameramen and sound men, as well as film editors.

They raided the newsreels.  Our Editor, Gerald Sanger, who was employed by the Daily Mail, was seconded to Rediffusion, who got the franchise for London programmes from Monday to Friday.  Raymond Perrin was appointed as Senior Film Editor at ITN, he was joined by Greville Kent and Alan Haythorne, these latter pair were editors who usually only worked on provincial “specials”, stories that were done from time to time for provincial cities. Read more

Colleagues: George Richardson – Movietone

George Richardson came to Movietone by an act of nepotism.  Nepotism is not always a bad thing and George was to prove it.

His step mother Miss Mary Holmes, secretary to the Managing Director, Sir Gordon Craig, was also known as Mrs. Mary Richardson.  She was George’s step-mother. Read more

Cameraman tales: The Downing Street Scoop

Sometimes the occurrence of a news story is known in advance.  These stories include a doorstep statement by the Prime Minister or the appearance of the Chancellor of the Exchequer outside No. 11 on Budget Day.  For such events, the Media turn up in force.

So it was in the late thirties. Read more

Cameraman tales: Paul Wyand

In 1928, Paul Wyand was working as a cameraman for Fox Movietone of New York. He was based in London.  He was cabled with some outrageous demands to obtain pictures that were virtually unobtainable.  He gives one example “Vital we have pix of Prince of Wales wearing kilt with close-up of knees”.

However, he did receive one demand that he thought he might be able to obtain. Read more