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Posts tagged ‘Islam’

A ‘short film’ for Ramadan 1977

In the late Spring of 1977, an idea was floated in the office at UPITN, where I was Head of Commercial Productions, probably by Yasar Durra, concerning the upcoming Ramadan, the holy Islamic month.

It was suggested that we make a short film on some Islamic Cities in which we featured people from a religious point of view.  I said that we should make twenty-nine episodes so that the broadcasters could show a programme each night and have one in reserve. I also believed that we could sustain fifteen minutes for each episode.  Furthermore, I suggested that we show a short profile of two people, one an artisan, the other an academic.  Both would be devout Muslims. Read more

The World of Islam Festival 1976

In the spring of 1976, then as Head Of Productions for UPITN, I received information concerning the upcoming “World of Islam Festival” which was to be held in London.  I went to see the organisers, The World of Islam Festival Trust which was headed by Paul Keeler, who had been planning the event for some years.

I told them that I was interested in doing a film or films on the subject and sought permission to do it.  There were three or four people at the meeting and they looked at each other.  One of them said that they, themselves, had plans to do a documentary on the festival. Read more