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“Apart from a good idea, what are you going to do?” 1957

At GTV in 1957, those Commercials that were not done live by Graham Kennedy, during “In Melbourne tonight” were invariably brought in from the U.S.A. or the U.K.

What few were left had to be shot in Melbourne.  One of our advertisers asked if we could produce a commercial for them.  It was for a car wash product. I directed and edited it.  It was okay but they had a very low budget, so it was simple. Read more

In Melbourne Tonight 1957

After six months with only the news as a live studio programme, GTV 9, Melbourne, was in need of  something to show that it could make a good entertainment programme of its own.

On the 6th May, 1957, GTV launched a new studio-based programme.  It was called “In Melbourne Tonight”.  The programme was a sort of variety programme.   There was to be a new host.  His name was Graham Kennedy.  In his mid twenties, he had been a radio programme host and had been chosen to lead the new programme. Read more