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55 years ago today – Operation Crowflight Film ABV2

On the 15th December 1960, 55 years ago today, the Australian Broadcasting Commission in Melbourne (ABV2) premiered the film “Operation Crowflight” as part of it’s People programme.

My father Terence Gallacher was the director of the film, in 2010 he wrote three articles on the making, production and reaction to the film, in the interview below he ends by saying, “I was very proud of working on that film and very proud to have been working with the people who worked with me on it, terrific team.” Read more

The Emirates in 1976 – The trees in the desert

This article follows on from the previous article: The Emirates in 1976 – An evening at the Ministry of Information.

On the third day of our visit to The United Arab Emirates, I wanted to get something shot just to get us on the way.  Fortunately, I had made an arrangement to meet Les Bailey from the English Nursery, Les’ company had been commissioned to plant thousands of trees into the desert.  I was to go with him to one of his work locations in the desert. Read more

The Emirates in 1976 – doing the deal

In the Autumn of 1976, Yasar Durra, our Middle East Representative at UPITN,  obtained a commission from the United Arab Emirates to produce three films.  One was on the Villages that had been built to house their Bedouin people. This was an attempt to deter them from moving into the towns which were booming with the growth of the oil industry. Sheikh Zayed did not want the untrained, and, at that time probably uneducated, Bedouin doing menial jobs in the new industries. Read more

Colleagues: Jan Borg

Jan Borg, for many years, a cameraman with UPMT., UPIN, UPITN and WTN, the same company with four different names.  He was born May 1st 1938 in Oslo.

He was, formerly, a journalist, a war correspondent and filmmaker. Read more

The Encyclopaedia Britannica Awards 1962

In the autumn of 1962, I was invited by Encyclopaedia Britannica to be a member of their jury on the EB Newsfilm Awards.   I went to a meeting at their head office to get a briefing and to see if, after the briefing, I still wanted to do it.  I agreed.

There were a variety of categories which included Hard news and Feature news. Read more

Time capsule – Rank Hovis McDougall 1969

In 1969, we were approached by the company of Rank Hovis McDougall, the flour and bread company.   They were building a new high-rise office block in Vauxhall and they wanted a short film to place in a time capsule. Read more

ABV2 Film Department – A Centre of Excellence 1958

While researching articles for this website, I read an account, on the internet, of the early period at the ABC at Ripponlea. The article was written by an Australian film maker, John B. Murray.  In his article The Naked Bunyip Essay about Australian filmmaking he refers to the early 1960s and making the tv series Alcheringa with Frank and Betty Few, in 1962.   In the article he states, “There was no film department as such at Ripponlea, except that which facilitated the gathering of news”. Read more

Jordan 1974 part 1 – A journey into the unknown

In February 1974, UPITN took on a Middle East representative.  He was a Jordanian in his early thirties.  He was dapper with a high forehead, wavy dark hair and he always wore a reefer jacket and grey flannels.  He always wore a collar and tie.  He was Yasar Durra.

He was to transform the activities of my department, bringing in a continuous list of productions on behalf of our Arab clients.  Life would never be the same again. Read more

Focus documentary series GTV9 1957

At GTV, Channel 9 Melbourne, it was decided to start a 15-minute documentary programme.   From time to time, we would receive film for the news service with enough material to make a much longer story.  It was felt that these items would be a a good source of material suitable for a news/documentary programme.  In addition, there were many subjects that could be specially assigned. Read more

Ceres – Mount Elephant ABV2

I got more and more involved in Film Directing at the Australian Broadcasting Commission.  For the Rural Department, I made a film on a converted aircraft.  It was called “Ceres” after the Greek God of Harvest.  The aircraft was to be used as a crop duster.  Once again Frank Few was the cameraman.

We went off to the works that were working on the machine.  It was, naturally next to an airfield. Read more