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Thoughts about moving on – 1955

I had worked at Movietonews since 1945 and, by 1955, I was well schooled in the technique of motion pictures.  I had sat through miles of “rushes” and seen them edited. I had seen the rushes of almost four thousand news stories.  As time went on, I became more and more critical of the Movietonews “cutters”. Read more

On to directing at ABV2 1958

On arrival at the Australian Broadcasting Commission, Ripponlea, as Acting Senior Film Editor, I found that the editors at ABV2. were not required to participate in the planning of any filming that they would have to edit.  They complained to me that they were having to “rescue” too much material.  One producer had belonged to a 8-mm cine club while most of the others had been radio producers. Read more

From guest contributor Derek Evans: New Decade Film & Video 1968-1971

New Decade was founded by Stanley Marks along with his father John Marks in the early 1960’s and were located on the top floor of 12, Orange Street just off the Haymarket in London.
I had known Stanley from British Movietone and maintained contact with him while working at Southern Television. Read more

GTV 9 opening night 1957

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.”

I was appointed Senior Film Editor on December 31st.  The official opening night for GTV9 was January 19th 1957, less than 3 weeks later. The GTV9 studios were situated at 22, Bendigo Street, Richmond, which is a district near the city of Melbourne. Read more

Selecting trainee staff at ABV2

Around 1959, John Cameron, Studio manager, ABV2 Ripponlea, Victoria, asked me round to his office.  He said that it was to be Commission policy to take on two trainees in the Film Department every year.  They would be allocated to each department in turn and then be assessed on their suitability for one of the departments.The problem they had was that they did not know how they could select the two trainees without a time consuming process. He said that he had been in touch with a Melbourne college which had some eighteen students leaving the school at the end of each year.  These would be the bright students who would be given an examination and that we would be advised of the order in which they passed the exam.  John Cameron asked me if I would think it through and see if I could come up with a suggestion. Read more