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Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode eighteen

“Returning to Movietone 1961”

This week’s podcast recalls my return to England and soon after, British Movietone News in March 1961 after my time in Australia with GTV9 and ABV2 in Melbourne. Before an offer of work from Movietone I looked at the BBC and had an interesting offer to do the sound dubbing on a feature film, more of that in the podcast. Read more

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode seventeen

“Film editing: Finishing School”

This week’s podcast recalls moving on from Movietone and learning the nuts and bolts of film editing in preparation. Read more

Early days of video tape 1958

At this time, the late 1950s, many live broadcasts in Melbourne were telerecorded for use in Sydney.  This was a reciprocal arrangement so that we also received telerecordings  (called kinescopes in the U.S.) from Sydney of their live programmes.  Of course, by today’s standards the quality was poor, but, at that time, it was the best that they could do.

Basically, the system was a film camera facing a television picture. Read more