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Movietone at War: Movietone’s camera cars

Although the Munich Agreement had been signed late September, 1938, preparations for war were underway – Movietone had already filmed the preparation of the removal of children from London, the issuing of gas masks, rehearsals for the deployment of barrage balloons and Home Defence exercises and the building of Spitfires.

In early December 1938, Movietone showed off their new acquisitions in the form of camera cars. Read more

Colleagues: Martin Gray – Movietone

Martin Gray started work with Movietonews as a Sound recordist.   He joined the company in 1937. He accompanied first Norman Fisher to France where together in May 1940 they covered the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force through Belgium.  They made their way to Boulogne where they were forced to abandon their camera car.  This was one of two cars Movietone left behind in France.  They took their camera and sound equipment, as well as their exposed negative aboard a ship bound for Dover.  They were ordered on to the ship. Read more

Colleagues: Norman Fisher – Movietone

Norman Fisher joined Movietone in 1936, he remained with the company until 1978 when he retired, but still covered a story in 1979, the year that Movietone ceased operations.

Norman Thomas McLeod Fisher was born in 1917, he was a Scot with a fine Edinburgh accent.

He also had a mild impediment of speech, almost a stutter.  Incredibly, when we crossed the border back into Scotland, there was no longer a trace of his impediment.  Weird ! Read more