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Archive of articles

Interview with Terry Gallacher: Operation Crowflight – a video interview with Terry from 2009, describing the filming of the U2 aircraft in Australia.

Podcast: In Melbourne Tonight, 6th May 1957 – The very first episode of In Melbourne Tonight with Graham Kennedy.

Podcast: A typical working day at GTV9 1957 – the process involved in bringing stories to screen in the early days of Australian television.

Podcast: GTV9’s Opening Night 1957 – Terry remembers the events of GTV9’s opening night on January 19th 1957.

55 years ago today – Operation Crowflight Film ABV2

Cameraman tales: Breakdown in Bahrain – how Samuelson’s came to the rescue, when a camera developed a fault.

1973 Safari Rally – Terry recalls filming the ’73 rally with his cameraman friends, Sir Mohinder Dhillon and Jacques Hubinet.

1973 Monte Carlo Rally – Terry’s memories of an eventful Rally.

Sir Mohinder Dhillon: Terry Gallacher – Loss of a friend and brother – Sir Mohinder Dhillon shares his memories of his friend Terry.

Terence Gallacher 1928 – 2014 – Terry’s obituary.

Movietone at War: Seventy years on – the filming of the second battle for Monte Cassino, Italy in 1944 by Paul Wyand and Martin Gray.

Movietone at War: Alec Tozer in Burma – Alec Tozer filming the conflict in Burma with Time Life photographer George Rodger.

The Emirates in 1976 – Home again – the aftermath – the reaction from the UAE government to a series of films made in the Emirates.

1972 Safari Rally – filing the Safari Rally with Mohinder Dhillon and Paul Badin in Nairobi.

Movietone at War: Movietone and the Royal Family – in 1944 Movietone had been commission to produce a short film on the Royals, the project was to prove frustrating to say the least.

Fashion Programme – “Style” – developing a series on fashion in the early 1980’s.

Video journalism – the rise of the VJ, and how their job isn’t that different from 50 years ago.

Movietone at War: A month to remember – the filming around the world by Movietone, including D-day and the fall of Rome.

Colleagues: Vittorio Della Valle – recalling the former combat cameraman with the Italian army and cameraman with Fox Movietone.

Movietone at War: Eating in Italy February 1944 – Paul Wyand’s story on the strange events leading to a meal in Cassino in 1944.

Colleagues: Gerald F. Sanger – profile on the c0-founder and Editor of British Movietone News.

Monte Carlo Rally 1972 – the usual team meet up again for the Monte.

Movietone at War: Movietone and the Christmas break – how the sinking of a German battleship put paid to Movietone staff’s time off over the festive period.

The Emirates in 1976 – Abu Dhabi from the air – utilising a helicopter to capture footage of Abu Dhabi and the desert from the air.

Movietone at War: The search for Information – an article requesting information to our “Movietone at War” project.

The Emirates in 1976 – The Bedouin family – meeting a Bedouin family in the desert.

Movietone at War: The sinking of the Bismarck – Movietone and the censorship debate with the Ministry of Information.

The Emirates in 1976 – A “time bomb” and a Bedouin village – filming a series of documentaries for the UAE government, including at an oil refinery and a Bedouin village.

Movietone at War: when news stories were hard to come by – the negotations between the Ministry of Information and Movietone to film events during WW2.

The Emirates in 1976 – Sheik Khalifa Rest House and Al Ain – filming the trees in the desert.

Movietone at War: Assignments for D-Day – the arrangements for the 6th June 1944 negotiated between SHAEF and the newsreels.

Soho revisited – the history and the food of Soho.

Movietone at War: Martin Gray at Stalag X1B – Martin Gray and Paul Wyand arrive as the camp is liberated and a chance meeting.

The Emirates in 1976 – Dining out – dining out in Abu Dhabi and an interesting discussion on how religions came to eat a certain diet.

Movietone at War: Conscription and reserved occupations – how conscription affected the staff at Movietone.

The Emirates in 1976 – The trees in the desert – filming the reafforestation in the deserts of the UAE.

Movietone at War: filming the surrender at Lüneburg Heath – How Paul Wyand filmed Montgomery’s acceptance of the German surrender.

The Emirates in 1976 – An evening at the Ministry of Information – the frustrating and unorthodox meeting with the Ministry.

Movietone at War: Sir Malcolm Campbell – Seer – How Movietone editor Sir Malcolm Campbell foresaw the events of WW2.

The Emirates in 1976 – arriving in Abu Dhabi – setting foot in Abu Dhabi with the film crew and preparing for filming three documentaries.

Movietone at war: mind what you say – discussions between Fox Movietone and British Movietone News on how strong an editorial line they should take on Adolf Hitler.

Colleagues: Jack Ramsden – the career of the Movietone cameraman who filmed on D-Day and would later become Production Manager and Editor.

Movietone at War: Movietone’s camera cars – how Movietone prepared for the oncoming World war with three customised Sunbeam Talbots.

Colleagues: Douglas Cameron – recalling working with one of the great broadcasters and commentators.

Movietone at War: “Will you kindly leave him alone please ?” – How cameraman Paul Wyand found an unlikely ally while filming.

Editing news and documentary film at GTV9 – documenting the rapid amount of editing I would do every week at the beginning of GTV9 in 1957.

Movietone at War: The move to Denham – The story of British Movietone News moving from Soho Square to Denham during World War Two.

At the Drive-in – my experience of the drive-in movie trend in the 1950s.

Movietone Staff on Film – a look and description of Movietone staff captured on film in 1946 and 1058.

Colleagues: Bunny Hutchins – Movietone – article on the Movietone cameraman born in 1878 and still filming during the Second World War.

The Emirates in 1976 – doing the deal – striking a deal to film a series of documentaries.

Back Screen Projection – a small job in the 1960s trying to achieve a believable effect.

Bias in the newsreels – part two – concluding part of the article on newsreel bias.

Bias in the newsreels – part one – the claims of bias against the newsreels and their response.

Colleagues: Len Burrell – profile of the former Head of Production for UPIN.

Film on Fire – the problems working and preserving nitrate film.

300 not out – looking back on three hundred article published on this website and the articles to come.

Colleagues: Tommy Scales – Movietone – recalling the eventful career of cameraman and editor, Thomas F. Scales.

Strange claims about the newsreels – the many and more often than not unfounded claims from and at, the newsreels.

Colleagues: Bob Frost – Movietone – the career of Movietone’s cutter Bob Frost, who started his career with Movietone in the 1940’s.

Criticism of the Newsreels – chronicling the criticism the newsreels in the UK faces, almost from the beginning.

Colleagues: Jan Borg – profile on one of the great news and documentary cameramen at the heart of many of the 20th centuries major events.

Cameraman tales: “Only one eye, but what an eye !” – how my attempts at becoming a Movietone cameraman were thwarted.

Simpsons In The Strand – recalling the great experience of dining at one of the iconic London restaurants.

“Newsworthiness” and Charlie Drake – how UPMT and Movietone differed when it came to choosing newsworthy stories.

Cameraman tales: Felix Yiaxis – how a serious accident highlighted UPITN’s management’s attitude to insuring camera crews on location.

Thoughts on documentary film production – some of my ideas on producing a documentary.

Scoops, pirates and pinching in the newsreels – examining the sometimes fanciful tales of skullduggery by the rival newsreel companies and the lengths they went to.

The National News: The forgotten newsreel – the story of the short-lived newsreel that drew staff from the existing newsreel companies.

Filming the Watney Cup – the story of how I filmed the Watney Cup from 1970, introducing ideas of filming football and using the top commentators of the day.

Cameraman tales: Ed Vankan – Stanleyville massacre 1964 – the remarkable story of the resourcefulness of cameraman Ed Vankan.

Cameraman tales: Anon – Salisbury – tracking down the cause of overexposure on rushes from our cameraman in Salisbury.

Colleagues: Victor Mardon – Movietone – the career of the resourceful Movietone engineer.

Mrs Thatcher visits Foley Street – recalling meeting the Prime Minister in 1983 at UPITN’s offices.

World Cup 1966 – when global visual communication was in its early days, how World Cup matches were relayed around the world.

East African Safari Rally 1971 – returning to Nairobi after a three year break to cover one of the most demanding rallies.

Weapons of mass destruction – how the technology and know-how was there decades before the second Iraq war to prove the existence of weapons of mass destruction.

The Epsom Derby 1961 – How Movietone covered the annual horse racing event and got the film back in time for the next General release.

Cameraman tales: Flying Enterprise and David Samuelson – David Samuelson’s ability to be at the right place at the right time.

Wedding Day and a combined operation – how the Melbourne rivals came together to film our wedding 54 years ago.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica Awards 1962 – judging an awards for filming news footage.

Cameraman tales: Jan Borg Tlatelolco massacre 1968 – How UPITN’s cameraman survived and captured footage during the massacre in Three Cultures Square.

For the Religious Department of ABC – Benedictine Monks – directing a film on a Benedictine Monestry and learning a cure for flat beer from a monk.

The Emirates in 1976 – Our fellow guests – away from filming in Abu Dhabi, the ingenuity of a couple of salesmen at the Khalidiya Palace Hotel.

Rejoining Movietone 1961 – looking for work on my return to England from Australia and the story of the job I turned down.

Monte Carlo Rally 1971 – returning to the January rally for Datsun after a two year break.

Giving a Lecture on film techniques 1960 – a lecture on checkerboard editing and two camera interview techniques.

News of the World Darts – filming the annual darts tournament at Alexandra Palace.

Colleagues: Sir Mohinder Dhillon – profile of the renowned news and documentary cameraman and photographer.

Cameraman tales: Jan Borg – Mission to Moscow – Jan Borg’s tale of the battle of wits between the KGB and UPITN.

Censorship in the newsreels – article on how censorship applied to the newsreels and how it changed during the Second World War.

David Sexton 1930-2012 – recalling the formative years of the Chelsea/QPR/Coventry and England U-21 manager.

Editing Roving Report – 1967 – taking on the production of Roving Report with journalist Frank Miles with vastly a reduced budget.

The Sydney versus Melbourne rivalry – encountering the long standing rivalry between two Australian cities in the 1950s.

The BBC drop UPIN – the consequences for UPIN when they lost their largest contractor of news.

Colleagues: Pat Wyand – profile on Movietone’s sound mixer.

This is Your Life: 1969 – 1985 – the adventures of secretly filming the stars of the day for one of the classic television programmes.

Colleagues: Keith Medley – chronicling the career of the New Brighton based photographer and cameraman.

From guest contributor Derek Evans: Visnews Part 2 – the concluding part of Derek’s article on his time at Visnews.

From guest contributor Derek Evans: Visnews Part 1 – Derek continues his story on his career and experiences at BCINA/Visnews.

Thoughts about moving on – 1955 – preparing for a future career in film editing.

Cameraman tales: Harry Lehrer and his camera – the hazards of filming at sea.

Colleagues: George Richardson – Movietone – profile on the Movietone cameraman with a talent for capturing sporting events.

Time capsule – Rank Hovis McDougall 1969 – capturing images of London in 1969 to be part of a time capsule buried under a new building.

RAC Rally 1973 – filming the rally for Toyota in an event that almost got cancelled because of the Oil crisis.

Current Affairs News Service 1964 – starting a news and documentary service to offer news outlets.

A visit to Ascot 1964 – How overhearing a conversation led to a chain of profitable events.

Cameraman tales: Jan Borg – 1968, the busy and eventful year where Jan Borg hardly saw home.

Colleagues: Mrs Belfrage – discovering the lighter side of the formidable ABC producer.

Cameraman tales: Rosario Casella – Libyan oil fires – the capturing of Red Adair’s exploits containing an oil fire in the 1960s.

Where I was when I heard – the circumstances on hearing of one of the most historic events of the 20th century.

A plane crash at Denham – phoning the emergency services from my office at Movietone before an accident occurred.

A double century of articles – a look back at the stories and discoveries made since this website began.

Jordan 1974 part 6 – returning home – the final part of the series about my visit to advise Jordan TV on production techniques.

The Beatles Come Home – the filming of an item for Movietone on the return of the Beatles from their first American tour.

Cameraman tales: Caught in the draft – the hazards of filming out of a light aircraft window.

The Austerity Olympics by Janie Hampton – review of Janie Hampton’s book featuring the role of the newsreels.

GTV Police series 1957 – the adventures of filming with the Melbourne Police in 1957.

Cameraman tales: Disaster at Tattenham Corner – How Victor Mardon, with great skill and patience rescued a damaged camera.

ABV2 Film Department – A Centre of Excellence 1958 – remembering the ABC film department in Melbourne.

Jordan 1974 part 5 – a visit to Petra – taking a break from advising Jordan Television to visit the Rose-red city of Petra.

Colleagues: Martin Gray – Movietone – profile on the Movietone soundman turned cameraman.

Football film analysis part 2 – providing analysis for a First Division football team over 40 years ago.

Cameraman tales: The Downing Street Scoop – how a newsreel cameraman thought he gained the initiative on his rivals.

A shot in the dark – how film makers film the appearance of a night time shoot, not always successfully.

Movietone – 15 assignments a day – how the job of assignments manager grew due to the increasing demands of clients.

Jordan 1974 part 4 – Lunch with the King – meeting an informed King Hussein Of Jordan during my visit to advise Jordan Television on production techniques.

Football film analysis part 1 – how my education and experiences in football would help me later on, filming for analysis.

Movietones’ adaptable staff – how Movietone employees were roped into additional duties in front and behind the camera.

Cameraman tales: Rosario Casella – Libya – the fascinating family he discovered in Southern Libya.

Jordan 1974 part 3 – visiting Al Jafr & Ma’an – accompanying the Royal entourage by helicopter to meet the Bedouin in the desert.

The British Newsreels’ filming of D-Day – how the cameramen from Movietone, Pathe, Gaumont, Paramount and Universal covered the events of the 6th June 1944.

Cameraman tales: Poacher turned gamekeeper – about a cameraman who abused the rules he would later vigorously enforce.

The Sound of Silence – a tale of a dubbing mixer and a low meter reading.

The newsreel’s influence on early British Television news – how the newsreel companies and their staff contributed to the formation of television news.

Coventry Cathedral BBC interview – my interview for the BBC, recorded earlier in the year, about filming the consecration of Coventry Cathedral, May 1962.

Isfahan – designing an Formula One racetrack 1975 – the curious tale of being asked to create designs for an F1 circuit.

Newsreels In A Hurry – the problems and solutions in moving newsfilm to get on the screen as soon as possible, before satellite and long haul flights.

Jordan 1974 part 2 – tales of Lawrence – meeting cameraman Dal Lal who shot the famous Dawson’s Field film and Jordanian tribesmen who knew T. E. Lawrence.

Cameraman tales: George Fleischmann – the amazing tale of the internment camp at the Curragh, Ireland and a cameraman from Austria.

Filming for Analysis” article 1974 – republishing an article I wrote in January 1974 describing different techniques in filming sport for analytical purposes.

Colleagues: John Davies – Movietone – profile on the former chief grader at Kay Laboratories, who in 1955 became a cameraman for Movietone and then the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

Foreign language version – a look at the production of international versions of films and the complexities involved.

A month at Movietone 1948 – a chance to have some civilian work experience months before being demobbed.

Cameraman tales: Richard Graff – meeting a cameraman in Frankfurt to film poinsettias, with a past that continued to haunt him.

Jordan 1974 part 1 – A journey into the unknown – a series of articles on visiting Jordan and advising Jordan Television on documentary techniques.

Colleagues: Ian Grant – Movietone – the eventful life of the former AFPU and Movietone cameraman, who, in later life, created a second career as a writer.

Focus documentary series GTV9 1957 – a documentary series in the formative years of Australian television.

“Why do you drive on the left?” – during the Safari Rally in the early 70s, a debate on why the UK drives on the left.

Colleagues: Dick Davies – Movietone – how Dick Davies set up Movietone’s Shipping Department and ran a big band.

Cameraman tales: Ernie Christie – article on the turbulent life of a talented cameraman.

A Message To Garcia – testing the conclusions of Elbert Hubbard’s famous essay at ABV2 in Melbourne.

Colleagues: Charles Ridley – Movietone – profile on the creator of one of the most memorable pieces of newsreel film.

A Case Of Cities UPITN – Filming an archive of the world’s cities in the early eighties with some of the world’s most accomplished documentary cameramen.

Colleagues: Greville Kent – Movietone – profile on the Movietone cutter who was at the beginning for the launch of ITN.

East African Safari Rally 1968 – returning for a second year to film an eventful Safari Rally for Nissan Motors.

Colleagues: Norman Dickson – article on my friend and colleague at UPITN.

Meeting a future Prime Minister 1965 – meeting Edward Heath with Dick Clark to prepare for an interview.

The 1952 Show BBC – recording an interview, in front of the camera, recalling events of the Funeral Of King George VI.

Colleagues: John Jackson – The Remittance Man – meeting a fellow Brit in Australia with a colourful past.

Cameraman tales: Alec Tozer: Italian prisoner of war – a misunderstanding between the cockney accented cameraman and the Australian army.

Texas Car Theft – GTV9 – looking at the stories on the UPI wire on a slow news day.

Book review: Leslie Mitchell Reporting – review of the former Movietone commentator’s autobiography.

Belgian Grand Prix 1968 – filming the Grand Prix for Honda with Vittorio Della Valle, Piet Van Strien and Jan Borg.

The Birth Of United Press Movietone Television – The association between United Press International and British Movietone News, supplying newsfilm to the BBC.

Programme Distribution in Australia: 1960 – an idea for a scheme to deliver ABC programmes among the BAPH states.

Cameraman tales: Paul Wyand – how Paul Wyand got a scoop for Fox Movietone in the late 20s.

“Sprite on top of the world” 1971 – recalling filming millionaire Sam Alper driving his Sprite Caravan over the Sierra Nevada.

Book review: Shoot First – by Ronnie Noble – a review of stories written by the Universal Newsreel cameraman.

Shipping film in the days of the Newsreels – the logistics of exchanging newsfilm among the newsreel companies.

Monte Carlo Rally 1968 – returning to Monaco to cover the ’68 Monte Carlo Rally for Nissan.

A return to civvy street April 1949 – after two and a half years in the Army, I’m offered a job with British Movietone News.

Ceres – Mount Elephant ABV2 – two documentaries for the Rural Department at ABV2 in Melbourne.

Cameraman tales: Anon at Rediffusion – how television proved helpful in completing a cameraman’s expenses.

Dawson’s Field 1970 – meeting the cameraman who filmed the famous event for UPITN.

Coming attractions 2012 – a preview of some of the articles planned for 2012.

Christmas food parcels at Movietone – 1945/1946 – how a present from afar made it a great Christmas during the times of rationing.

Cameraman tales: Peter Purvis: Coca Cola – Peter Purvis finds a solution to cleaning up the darkroom.

Movietones’ Cameras – an article on the various cameras used by the great newsreel cameramen.

“Malting Grains” ABV2 – filming for the ABC Rural Department on the production of Gin and Whisky.

Cameraman tales: Della Valle, the Pope & a close shave – Vittorio Della Valle receives a message from Pope Paul VI in St. Peter’s Square.

Colleagues: Jimmy Humphries – Movietone – recollections of the Movietone cameraman based in New Brighton.

Italian Grand Prix 1968 – filming at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza with Vittorio Della Valle, where only six cars finished.

Cameraman tales: Claude Meskens – out of focus – how a serious problem with a new camera was cured by a simple solution.

Death of King George VI – 1952 – Memories of Movietone’s coverage of the Funeral of King George VI.

Soho from the 1940s – the people and places, as well as the newsreels who populated Soho.

German Grand Prix 1968 – covering a rain soaked Formula 1 race at the Nurburgring.

The Animated Bird ABV2 – how a bit of fun in the editing room was used in a nature programme.

Cameraman Tales: Jim Godfrey “The King and I” – story about a media savvy King and a Movietone cameraman.

Wrestling at Harringay 1949 – an evening out, thanks to tickets from Movietone for a less that great exhibition of wresting.

Colleagues: Paul Wyand – profile on one of the great newsreel cameramen and war correspondents.

King Khaled State Visit to London, Paris & Madrid 1981 – Producing a documentary and daily satellite coverage of the visit of King Khalid of Saudi Arabia.

Flight Of The White Heron 1954 – Movietone films the Queen’s tour of the Commonwealth using the CinemaScope system.

Out of sync again 1967 – Solving a sync problem for Rank Laboratories for the film “Persued”.

Dutch Grand Prix Zandfoort 1968 – Filming the Grand Prix at Zandfoort with Piet Van Strein and Ron Collins.

On to directing at ABV2 1958 – the move into directing films for the ABC with the experience of editing.

Cameraman tales: Keith Medley – telephone bar – the story of how a dope sheet became more and more illegible.

Arab Stallions film for ABV2 – Filming a documentary on horses on a 600 acre farm in Yan Yean, with Frank Few.

Cameraman tales: Piet Van Streina story told by Piet during the filming of the ’68 Dutch Grand Prix about his ‘lousy job‘.

66 Years ago: Movietone News, the first days – The people and the events on those first days at British Movietone News in 1945.

From guest contributor Derek Evans: New Decade Film & Video 1968-1971 – following on from previous articles, Derek recalls his time at Stan Marks’ New Decade company.

Colleagues: Ron E. Collins – A cameraman, who I first worked with, when I was Assignments Manager at British Movietone News, 50 years ago.

British Grand Prix Brands Hatch 1968 – Filming UPITN’s first Grand Prix for Honda.

The Prudential Trophy England v Australia 1972 – filming of the one day international series.

The Lockheed Scandal and UPITN 1976 – how the scandal impacted on UPITN’s dealings in the Middle East.

Cameraman tales: Martin Gray – POW camp – Describing a chance meeting as cameraman Paul Wyand and soundman Martin Gray film the liberation of Stalag XIB in April 1945.

A Sound Idea 1953 – Responding to a call from Twentieth Century Fox for ideas on improving sound at Fox cinemas.

Fuel, Food and Fodder – Filming a documentary for ABV2’s Rural Department on the Latrobe Valley.

Colleagues: Richard S. Clark – UPMT – the long and illustrious career of Dick Clark.

A Century of Articles – looking back after one hundred articles.

Giuliano Nocco In Sinai – 1974 – UPITN cameraman Nocco, films the re-enactment of the 1973 war for the Egyptians.

The Story Of Movietone – as an alternative to The Story Of British Pathe, a compilation of all Movietone articles so far.

Cameraman tales: Jack Ramsden – chronicling the Editor of Movietonews’ career as a cameraman during the Second World War.

Tile Factory 1959 – Making a small film, while at the ABC on a revolutionary tile process.

Still Pictures 1953 onwards – The advantages for the budding photographer in working at Movietone.

King Khaled State Visit to Egypt 1976 – Making the documentary of the State Visit of King Khaled.

Book review: Cameramen at War – Ian Grant – Review of the book written by my former Movietone colleague about his experiences with the Army Film and Photographic Unit.

Cameraman tales: Robert Riddle-Black – how the Oscar winning cameraman/director was delayed covering a routine story on the Island of Islay.

Checkerboard joining – A detailed description of the editing method of assembling A and B rolls, without visible splices.

Churchill’s funeral – 1955 – how United Press Movietone Television covered the State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.

Colleagues: Gerald Lyons – profile on the producer, presenter and journalist Gerald Lyons.

Le Mans Crash 1955 – How British Movietonews came to an editorial decision concerning the footage from the tragic events at Le Mans.

The Beer Match: GTV v the ABC 1958 – How the two rival tv stations met up for a cricket match, alongside a few familiar names.

Cameraman tales: Walter Kraus – How a cameraman’s habit, while filming, saved the day.

Early Days Of Videotape 1958 – The introduction of the 2″ Ampex editing machines in the 50’s, but there was still a job for a ‘cutter’.

Colleagues: John Abbott – a cameraman who started in the business working for John Logie Baird, an expert in filming football.

Our first television set 1949 – How things would never be the same again after the introduction of a 9 inch Ferguson television to our household.

Cameraman tales: Dellavalle, Anderle and the Pope 1964 – in the first of a series of articles a story as told by Vittorio Della Valle.

Colleagues: Dick Harris – Movietone – profile on the Movietone cameraman with an eventful career.

“Apart from a good idea, what are you going to do?” 1957 – How an idea of mine brought great benefits to Roger Mirams, but not to me.

Colleagues: Frank Few – ABV2 – profile of cameraman Frank Few, who I worked with in Melbourne in the 1950’s.

Trooping The Colour 1953 – The Movietone coverage of Elizabeth II’s first Trooping The Colour, a few days after the Coronation.

Colleagues: Norman Fisher – Movietone – in the first of a series of articles, memories of the great newsreel cameraman Norman Fisher.

The Coronation 1953 – Working as a runner for Movietone to get the footage back to Soho Square to get the story out the same evening – and taking a few pictures too.

The Epsom Derby – 1946 to 1954 – Movietone’s coverage of the Epsom Derby and the characters surrounding (and filming) the event.

Libyan earthquake 1963 – The story of how cameraman Ian Grant arrived in Libya without a visa and brought back the rushes quickly.

Pentridge Prison July 1957 – Article on a week spent filming in Pentridge Prison for GTV9’s “Focus” documentary series.

A film about the Emirate of Bahrain 1978 – To Bahrain to film for UPITN for the Saudi Ambassador.

A response to the charge that newsreels had no sense of “Newsworthiness” – the underestimation of the impact of the newsreels on news coverage.

Colin Gallacher: My day working for Movietone at the ’61 Cup Final – a memorable day as an assistant and a Spurs fan.

Movietone FA Cup Final Coverage – Attempts to improve Movietone’s coverage of football, starting with the 1961 FA Cup Final.

A Meeting In Menton 1968 – A memorable meal during the filming of the Monte Carlo Rally is followed by an incredible co-incidence.

Job interview ABC 1958 – A phone call from the opposition and a new job opportunity.

Mary Evans Picture Library – news that pictures taken at the 1953 Coronation and Trooping The Colour are available at the Mary Evans Picture Library.

Filming Los Angeles Olympics 1984 – Filming the Olympics for Omani Television and Middle East countries and meeting up my with old boss, Dick Clark.

East African Safari Rally 1967  – filming the Datsun team for Nissan Motors and an account of the logistical challenges of one of the most formidable rallies.

Titanium Corporation Of America 1966 – To Paris, to record a conversation between the President of the Corporation and Professor William J. Kroll for the Titanium Corporation Of America.

“It’s our future you’re eating” 1979 – Producing a film for OPEC to put their side of the case over oil pricing.

A typical newsday at GTV 1957 – how the early evening and late news was put together in the early days of GTV9.

Loch Ness 1966 – Meeting Tim Dinsdale, who filmed the famous Loch Ness footage.

“Some guy leaning on a fence” 1962 – meeting Sir Lawrence Olivier on the opening of the Chichester Festival Theatre.

My day in court 1953 – The day I was called upon as a witness to confirm when a Movietone newsreel story was shown in a London cinema.

Watney Mann Quizzes 1972 – Providing Watney’s with a successful series of 25 minute quizzes for their customers.

Interviews with Elizabeth Taylor, Murdoch & Milligan 1957 – At GTV9, interviewing the stars of the day and a historic interview with a name for the future.

How to run a meeting & The Burning Bush 1959 – an unusual method of not allowing a meeting to overrun and solving a special effect problem long before CGI.

The British Movietone News Theatre London – the early days of seeing news from around the world, outside of Movietone’s general releases to the feature showing cinemas.

Report on the filming of the ’67 Monte Carlo Rally – an 8,000 word report, originally for internal UPITN use, documenting the filming of the ’67 Monte Carlo Rally.

Motorsport: Monte Carlo Rally 1967 Part Two – the concluding part of the story of filming for the Datsun team.

Motorsport: Monte Carlo Rally 1967 Part One – filming the Datsun team at the legendary motoring event.

Movietone and the UPI Wire Service 1963 – long before the internet and emails, how Movietone communicated worldwide via the teleprinter.

Queen Mother’s visit to Australia 1958 – GTV getting ahead of the competition with the help of the R.A.A.F.

Delivering hot news or sports very fast 1959 – the drive at the ABC to get the news to the screen quicker.

Movietone cameraman Ken Hanshaw – Algeria 1962 – an example of ingenuity from Ken Hanshaw which preserved a valuable roll of footage.

Thoughts on the process of editing – techniques in the different uses for film/video editing.

The Movietone Commentators – memories of working with some of the famous voices in the newsreels.

Betting Shops and Parking Meters 1961 – directing an item for Movietone on the legalisation of Betting Shops.

To Libya to collect $50,000 1981“The beauty of travelling (on business) is in the eye of the non-traveller”.

Motorsport: Formula 2 1966 – filming the ’66 season around Europe and interviewing the winner Jack Brabham.

Coventry Cathedral May 1962 – arranging the filming of the opening ceremony for Movietone

New Designs, Old Traditions 1959 – directing a film on the army barracks at Puckapunyal, Melbourne for ABV2.

The Sound Of Movietonews – the early days of sound at Movietone.

A film out of synch 1960 – a call for help from an unusual source to solve an unusual synchronisation problem.

From guest contributor Derek Evans: Southern Television Ltd – Life after Movietone News – Derek continues his series of articles detailing his career after Movietone.

World Cup Cricket 1975 – filming the Prudential Cup during a golden age of Cricket.

Book review: Useless if Delayed – by Paul Wyand (1907-1968) – Review of the 1959 book written by my former boss at Movietone.

Tristan Da Cunha 1961 – meeting the islanders after their evacuation in Southampton, and editing footage thought impossible to edit.

Coming attractions 2011 – a look ahead to some of the articles lined up for this year.

“This is a movie that ends in the middle…” – the cinema experience in the 30s, 40s and 50s during the heyday of the newsreels.

Cleopatra, $44,000,000 and the Christmas bonus 1963 – How going over budget affected the pockets of Movietone employees in 1963

Operation Crowflight – ABV2 15th December 1960 – marking the 50th anniversary of the transmission of this historic film.

The Music Of Movietonews – article chronicling the emergence of mood music, the nearby “Tin Pan Alley” and the famous Movietone theme.

A ‘short film’ for Ramadan 1977 – the production of 29, fifteen minute programmes on the holy Islamic month.

Danger Man 1965 – a unique way of finding library footage for the television series starring Patrick McGoohan

GTV 9 opening night 1957 – the preparations (or perhaps lack of them) for the opening night of Channel 9, Melbourne.

From guest contributor Derek Evans: The Forerunner of Television News – the role of Movietone and the emerging television news.

Saturday Morning Cinema in the 1930s – The days of the Saturday morning serials in North London.

Selecting trainee staff at ABV2 – the process of selecting trainees at ABV2 in 1959.

The art of captions and titles – how titles and captions have evolved.

Movie posters: if I only knew then what I know now 1946 – a twice weekly trip to the 20th Century Fox printers and the classic movie posters of the time.

Los Angeles Olympics Opening Ceremony 1984 – arranging filming around the world for the famous opening ceremony.

From guest contributor Derek Evans: Movietone – making the news – memories of the halcyon days of British Movietone News.

The Falcons 1977 – a major documentary for the UAE Ministry of Information, filmed around the world.

“You can’t get out of synch in four words” 1959 – a meeting with a Hollywood actor and magician and his ingenious idea on synchronising dialogue.

New Technology from 1970 – the introduction of U-matic and VHS, as well as Betamax, Video 2000, Vidicord and other innovations no longer with us.

Operation Crowflight 1960 Part Two – the conclusion of the story of the filming and production of a historic film on the U2 almost 50 years ago, and the approval of a giant of documentary film making.

Kirby Rickard 1950s – memories of an extraordinary character and a talented cameraman.

A film on the life of King Faisal 1976 – The production behind the UPITN film on King Faisal.

The Follies & an Interview with Tommy Steele 1960 – Ziegfeld Follies, Rita Moreno a year before West Side Story and a meeting with Tommy Steele.

British Movietonews – the process from idea to screen – Production of the Movietone newsreel in the 30s, 40s and 50s.

“In Melbourne Tonight” 1957 – 6th May, 1957 – the first night of the long running show with Graham Kennedy.

Operation Crowflight 1960 Part 1 – The filming of three U2s at East Sale RAAF for the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABV 2), almost 50 years ago.

Early Days’ at Movietonenews 1946 – a great view alongside cameraman Martin Gray of the 1946 Victory Parade in London.

Temple Bar 1976 – Story of production of a fund raising film for the Temple Bar Trust.

The Grand National 1962 – The great steeplechase filmed in colour when Movietonews and Pathe pooled resources to get the film back to London fast.

The World of Islam Festival 1976 – An article on the organisation and filming of a major festival in London.

Movietone and The Ministry Of Information 1945 – Censorship after the war and a hole in the tower, this was my first year at Movietonews.

The Fruit Flyer 1958 – The train that brought fruit and veg to Melbourne. A documentary film made for the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

The Saharaoui 1989 – The forgotten war, or more likely the deliberately ignored war between the people of Western Sahara and the Moroccan government.

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