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The Movietone Years Podcast

The Movietone Years are a series of podcasts by Terry Gallacher about his time at British Movietone News from his first days in October 1945.

Episode one – “My first days at Movietone”
Episode two – “The Movietone Commentators”
Episode three – “Soho in the 1940s”
Episode four – “If I only knew then what I know now”
Episode five – “The British Movietone News Theatre”
Episode six – “The Victory Parade 1946”
Episode seven – “A return to civvy street”
Episode eight – “Movietone: the process of bringing stories to the screen”
Episode nine – “The Epsom Derby”
Episode ten – “The death of King George VI”
Episode eleven – “The Coronation 1953”
Episode twelve – “A sound idea”
Episode thirteen – “My day in court”
Episode fourteen – “The Flight of the White Heron”
Episode fifteen – “The Le Mans crash 1955″
Episode sixteen – “Only one eye, but what an eye”
Episode seventeen – “Film editing – finishing school”
Episode eighteen – “Returning to Movietone 1961”
Episode nineteen – “Betting Shops 1961”
Episode twenty – “Movietone’s FA Cup coverage”
Episode twenty one – “The evacuation of Tristan Da Cuhna”
Episode twenty two – “The 1962 Grand National”
Episode twenty three – “Ken Hanshaw Algeria 1962″
Episode twenty four – “Some guy leaning on a fence”
Episode twenty five – “A plane crash at Denham”
Episode twenty six – “Coventry Cathedral 1962”
Episode twenty seven – “Libyan earthquake 1963”
Episode twenty eight – “Movietone and the UPI Wire Service”
Episode twenty nine – “Cleopatra and the Christmas Bonus 1963”
Episode thirty – “The Beatles come home”
Episode thirty one – “15 assignments a day”
Episode thirty two – “Movietone cameraman Norman Fisher”
Episode thirty three – “Movietone cameraman Dick Harris”
Episode thirty four – “Movietone sound engineer Pat Wyand”
Episode thirty five – “Movietone cameraman Martin Gray”
Episode thirty six – “Movietone cameraman Keith Medley”
Episode thirty seven – “Movietone cameraman Ian Grant”
Episode thirty eight – “Movietone engineer Victor Mardon”
Episode thirty nine – “Movietone cameraman Jimmy Humphries”
Episode forty – “Movietone cameraman Ron E. Collins”
Episode forty one – “Movietone shipping manager Dick Davies”
Episode forty two – “Movietone cameraman Paul Wyand – part one”
Episode forty three – “Movietone cameraman Paul Wyand – part two”
Episode forty four – “Movietone editor Charles Ridley”

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