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Terence Gallacher

Terry Gallacher in the GTV9 editing room

On October 1st 1945, I walked through the front door of British Movietone News at 22 Soho Square to start a career in the news and documentary film business.  I had been offered £2. 10s. 0d per week. I accepted that. Fifty-six years later, I retired.

This website covers the period, from my two spells at British Movietone News, the adventure of the early days of Australian television at GTV9 and The Australian Broadcasting Commission, to my twenty-one years as Head of Productions at UPITN and my time as a director of my own company. The Timeline page lists the dates and places. The Archive of Articles lists every article published, so far, with the most recent at the top.  The articles describe my experiences as a film editor, producer and director.

This website began in August 2010, as a result I’ve got back in contact with friends and colleagues from over 50 years ago.  During research for the articles, I’ve discovered information on colleagues that they didn’t mention at the time, this is particularly evident on the article on Frank Few and my article on cameraman Ian Grant.  I’ve added two strands on the website, Colleagues – a potted history and my memories of a fellow worker, and Cameraman Tales – sometimes serious, sometimes comic tales of cameramen’s exploits that I either witnessed myself or were told the story by someone in the industry.

We have also recorded a series of podcasts, so far concentrating at my time at British Movietone News.

I welcome any questions concerning what I have written and, maybe, those things that I have omitted. Please get in touch via the Contact page, my Twitter account, or leave a comment, if you have a suggestion for future articles.

Terence Gallacher
1928 – 2014

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