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Posts from the ‘1960s’ Category

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode thirty two

“Movietone cameraman Norman Fisher”

Previous podcasts have been about my experiences at British Movietone News, the events and the staff, from now on the remaining episodes will concentrate on some of my Movietone colleagues, the first of these is about cameraman Norman Fisher.

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Cameraman tales: Ed Vankan – Stanleyville massacre 1964

In the early sixties, Ed Vankan was a UPMT/UPIN cameraman.  He was sent to the former Belgian Congo to cover the fighting between Belgian forces, Congolese political groups and mercenaries who attached themselves to all sides.  While in the area, he contributed written reports to UPI.  One can only assume that he wrote his report during a lull in the fighting, if there was one. Read more

The Movietone Years Podcast – recap

After thirty one episodes of “The Movietone Years” podcast, we’re having a break for a week.  All episodes so far have been my recollections of British Movietone News from the time I arrived in October 1945 until leaving for Australia in 1956 and from my return in 1961 until leaving for UPITN, as Assignments manager.

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Cameraman tales: Anon – Salisbury

Our anonymous cameraman was first of all a freelance cameraman based in the west country and working for UPIN.  When UDI was declared in Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) in November 1965, he was taken on staff and posted to Salisbury (now Harare) with an Auricon Sound camera and an Arriflex “silent” camera.

He was set up there with accommodation and a car.  When needed, he was to find his own sound man locally where there was a sizeable film unit. Read more

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode thirty one

“Fifteen assignments a day”

When I joined British Movietone News, for a second time, in early 1961, the work was quite leisurely, by 1963, however, there was far more workload as a result of many more clients, that took some getting used to.

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Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode thirty

“The Beatles come home”

On February 22nd 1964, the Beatles returned from their famous tour of the United States, I assigned the crews at Heathrow that day. This week’s podcast tells of getting permission to use the Beatles’ music on the story for Movietone.

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Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode twenty nine

“Cleopatra and the Christmas Bonus 1963”

British Movietone News were owned by 20th Century Fox (along with the Daily Mail) and the ever growing budget of their film, Cleopatra – starring Elizabeth Taylor, had an effect on all parts of 20th Century Fox and their subsidiaries.

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Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode twenty eight

“Movietone and the UPI Wire service”

This week’s podcast describes how Movietone made use of United Press International’s wire service and the language that was used, some anacronisms are in common use today by texters and in discussions on the internet.  In the podcast you’ll discover what Maxwelton, Zag, Ferkin, Copalms and Senatobia were the code names for.

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Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode twenty seven

“Libyan earthquake 1963”

This week’s podcast concerns how cameraman Ian Grant filmed the aftermath of the earthquakes in Libya in 1963 and how he quickly got back to London to provide an exclusive for British Movietone News.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

I am not an expert on Weapons of Mass Destruction, but, over the years I have witnessed events that have given me an idea of what is possible in the detection of the building of such weapons.

Much of this information I have shared with millions of others, some have been particular to my work in making documentary films. Read more