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Posts from the ‘1950s’ Category

Criticism of the Newsreels

The newsreels have been criticised from the day they started until the present day. Over the years, they have been accused of being flippant, incompetent and right wing biased, among other things.

The following is not a chronology of all the complaints, but a selection of the most notable. Read more

Cameraman tales: “Only one eye, but what an eye !”

In early 1955, Independent Television News was created.  They were looking for staff, especially cameramen and sound men, as well as film editors.

They raided the newsreels.  Our Editor, Gerald Sanger, who was employed by the Daily Mail, was seconded to Rediffusion, who got the franchise for London programmes from Monday to Friday.  Raymond Perrin was appointed as Senior Film Editor at ITN, he was joined by Greville Kent and Alan Haythorne, these latter pair were editors who usually only worked on provincial “specials”, stories that were done from time to time for provincial cities. Read more

Weapons of Mass Destruction

I am not an expert on Weapons of Mass Destruction, but, over the years I have witnessed events that have given me an idea of what is possible in the detection of the building of such weapons.

Much of this information I have shared with millions of others, some have been particular to my work in making documentary films. Read more

Cameraman tales: Flying Enterprise and David Samuelson

Between the end of December 1952 and early January 1953, the world witnessed an ongoing drama on the high seas.  “The Flying Enterprise” was an American Liberty ship crossing the Atlantic from west to east.  In heavy seas, its cargo shifted and caused the ship to have an uncontrollable list.  Rescue vessels arrived on the scene and Captain Carlsen ordered the crew to abandon ship.  He stayed on board trying to steer the vessel.

Read more

Wedding Day and a combined operation

Sometime in August of 1958, Janet and I decided to fix a wedding date.  A church wedding had to be performed in the parish of the bride, but, at that time, Janet was living in the heart of Melbourne.

Jim Healy, at this time the film editor at GTV, had taken a rented house with his wife and they offered the address from which Janet would be married.  It was in Moorabbin. Read more

For the Religious Department of ABC – Benedictine Monks

Not all clergy were against alcohol.  On one occasion, I made a film for the Religious Department at the ABC.  I think the producer was a Christopher Fry, who, later became a producer of some successful Australian television drama series, including The Flying Doctor series. Read more

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode seventeen

“Film editing: Finishing School”

This week’s podcast recalls moving on from Movietone and learning the nuts and bolts of film editing in preparation. Read more

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode sixteen

“Only one eye, but what an eye”

This week’s podcast refers to my attempt to become a Movietone cameraman in the 1950s and the opposition I was confronted with, which led me to think of moving on.  The title is a quote from Kip Porteous, the Head of Film at ABV2 in Melbourne talking about me, a few years later when I left Movietone and London for Australia. Read more

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode fifteen

“The Le Mans crash 1955”

This week’s podcast concerns Movietone’s filming and reaction to the events that happened at Le Mans in June 1955. Read more

Podcast: The Movietone Years – episode fourteen

“The Flight of the White Heron”

This week’s podcast concerns Movietone’s feature length documentary on the Queen’s tour of the commonwealth, filmed in Cinemascope. Read more