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Terence Gallacher 1928 – 2014

Terry Gallacher

Terence Michael Gallacher died on the 3rd October 2014, almost 69 years to the day he entered British Movietone News for the first time in 1945, he was eighty five. We started this blog in 2010, to recall all the stories Terry told, all the people and all the places he saw but it grew into something else as we added new facts and pictures to Terry’s stories. We found his colleague Richard Clark sat next to Walter Cronkite at the Nuremburg trials, told the story of cameraman Frank Few and his exploits at Guadalcanal during the second world war. Terry has written about his time at British Movietone News, as General Office Manager, Foreign Editor and Assignments Manager – a unique insight as well as recollections of colleagues such as Paul Wyand, Norman Fisher and Jack Ramsden.

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He created forty four podcasts on “The Movietone years“, wrote about his adventures in Australia and the start of television in January 1957 at GTV, and his time at ABV2 in Melbourne, including his remarkable film on Operation Crowflight. As a result of this website he was interview by the BBC about the Funeral of King George VI and the 50th Anniversary of Coventry Cathedral. He recorded a long interview for the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia’s Oral History Program about television in the 1950’s and early 60’s.  In addition the website is being archived by the Australian Pandora Archive as well as the British Library.

Film historian Luke McKernan wrote an article about Terry and this website, entitled The Newsreel Man. He writes of this blog: “This is truly a life online – recorded, shared, active, a memoir shaped not by the writer losing himself in past times but by the media of today. Gallacher writes of a way of film production that is now lost, and part of his purpose is to document somewhere that which was once important, but his writing feels that it belongs to these times, and so matters.”

tmgeditPerhaps the best way to look at Terry’s career is to look at his timeline, it stretches decades and is a rich history of innovation, talented colleages from the point of view of someone who was there.

In the end after nearly 350 articles, Terry concentrated on another project, his story of “Movietone At War”, chronicling from 1938 to 1946, how Movietone worked during the war and how remarkable film was brought back by ingenious means to the public at home – it was only recently Terry finished the project. In addition there are two more competed blogs “Terry’s eating places“, which was recently published, as well as a history of his father Patrick Joseph Gallacher, who played for Tottenham Hotspur and later the Footballer’s battalion during the First World War.

We miss him terribly.

Ian Gallacher.

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  1. So very sorry to hear this news. I had only recently discovered Terry’s blog but found it fascinating. What an amazing life he’d had, and how wonderful that he’d shared some of it with the rest of us. Thanks to you all for recording these memories for posterity, and no wonder you miss him. Many condolences at this sad time.

    October 5, 2014
    • many thanks Jennie, for your kind words. It is a comfort that, his experiences have been captured and his voice has been recorded and his memories will continue to be read.

      October 5, 2014
  2. This is sad news. I’d been reading this blog with interest, particularly re: GTV9 and ABC, and following on Twitter.

    October 5, 2014
  3. Spoke with Terence a few times over the years online. He wrote a great many interesting articles that were a pleasure to read as a ‘modern day’ cameraman.

    So sorry to hear of the loss.

    Kindest regards,

    Paul Martin

    October 5, 2014
  4. I am very sorry to hear this news, but grateful that Terry Gallacher has left behind such a fine memoir in the form of this blog, as well as the many British Movietone News newsreels and other news films to which he contributed which continue to enrich our picture of the past.

    Luke McKernan

    October 7, 2014
  5. Bob Rootes #

    It was with great sadness to hear of Terry Gallachers passing on earlier this month.I have fond memories of editing in the 1970’s many of Terry’s productions King Faisal/Ramadan/Monti Carlo & Est African Safaris/ World of Islam and many many more.I only remade contact with Terry earlier this year through his blog. He was a true professional who produced and directed Documentaries to a very high standard and always enjoyed a good lunch!! My condolences to his family

    Bob Rootes editor Dandelion Films

    October 16, 2014
  6. Alwyn Lindsey #

    I just heard this sad news and wanted to pass on condolences both from me and from the Associated Press. I never had the pleasure of meeting Terence but had numerous phone calls and emails. A few years ago we restored our UPITN collection which had become “lost” due to lack of cataloguing and Terence was very generous with his knowledge and advice as he had documented much of UPITN’s history and had of course filmed much of the footage during his time there. Our paths crossed again when AP started working with the British Movietone collection and again, he was a great source of information. I’ve enjoyed following his blog when time permitted. He had a remarkable career, was a genuine link between the present and the past. and was a lovely guy. Alwyn Lindsey, Associated Press

    December 18, 2014

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