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The Emirates in 1976 – Home again – the aftermath

After I had finished shooting my two films for the UAE government, we had a farewell dinner at the Sheraton Hotel and I flew back home after eighteen days in the blistering heat.

We had ventured into the desert and into the villages. We had been almost entirely on our own and left to our own devices. The three films turned out well and were much appreciated by the Ministry in Abu Dhabi.

Early in 1977, I was able to take “Trees of the Desert” up to Birmingham to show it to an audience organised by Les Bailey. They were nurserymen, gardeners, arborologists from the Midlands. They were quite amazed to see that trees and shrubs were being planted straight into the sand with just a small amount of compost attached to the roots.

AD3They were able to see a fairly large plot of land which had been surrounded by trees seven years before, planted with wheat that had been specially developed in Iraq.

We got a standing ovation.

Here are all the articles in the series:

The Emirates in 1976 – doing the deal – striking a deal to film a series of documentaries.

The Emirates in 1976 – arriving in Abu Dhabi – setting foot in Abu Dhabi with the film crew and preparing for filming three documentaries.

The Emirates in 1976 – An evening at the Ministry of Information – the frustrating and unorthodox meeting with the Ministry.

The Emirates in 1976 – The trees in the desert – filming the reafforestation in the deserts of the UAE.

The Emirates in 1976 – Dining out – dining out in Abu Dhabi and an interesting discussion on how religions came to eat a certain diet.

The Emirates in 1976 – Sheik Khalifa Rest House and Al Ain – filming the trees in the desert.

The Emirates in 1976 – A “time bomb” and a Bedouin village – filming a series of documentaries for the UAE government, including at an oil refinery and a Bedouin village.

The Emirates in 1976 – The Bedouin family – meeting a Bedouin family in the desert.

The Emirates in 1976 – Abu Dhabi from the air – utilising a helicopter to capture footage of Abu Dhabi and the desert from the air.

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