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The Movietone Years Podcast – recap

After thirty one episodes of “The Movietone Years” podcast, we’re having a break for a week.  All episodes so far have been my recollections of British Movietone News from the time I arrived in October 1945 until leaving for Australia in 1956 and from my return in 1961 until leaving for UPITN, as Assignments manager.

Following podcasts will concentrate on my colleagues at Movietone, including Norman Fisher, Ian Grant, Paul Wyand, Keith Medley and Ron Collins.

Here’s a list, and description, of all thirty one episodes so far:

Episode one – “My first days at Movietone” – The people and the events on those first days at British Movietone News in 1945.
Episode two – “The Movietone Commentators” – memories of working with some of the famous voices in the newsreels.
Episode three – “Soho in the 1940s” – the people and places, as well as the newsreels who populated Soho.
Episode four – “If I only knew then what I know now” – a twice weekly trip to the 20th Century Fox printers and the classic movie posters of the time.
Episode five – “The British Movietone News Theatre” – the early days of seeing news from around the world, outside of Movietone’s general releases to the feature showing cinemas.
Episode six – “The Victory Parade 1946″ – a great view alongside cameraman Martin Gray of the 1946 Victory Parade in London.
Episode seven – “A return to civvy street” – after two and a half years in the Army, I’m offered a job with British Movietone News.
Episode eight – “Movietone: the process of bringing stories to the screen” – How the Movietone newsreel was put together in the 30s, 40s and 50s.
Episode nine – “The Epsom Derby” – Movietone’s coverage of the Epsom Derby and the characters surrounding (and filming) the event.
Episode ten – “The death of King George VI” – Memories of Movietone’s coverage of the Funeral of King George VI.
Episode eleven – “The Coronation 1953″ – Working as a runner for Movietone to get the footage back to Soho Square to get the story out the same evening – and taking a few pictures too.
Episode twelve – “A sound idea” – Responding to a call from Twentieth Century Fox for ideas on improving sound at Fox cinemas.
Episode thirteen – “My day in court” – The day I was called upon as a witness to confirm when a Movietone newsreel story was shown in a London cinema.
Episode fourteen – “The Flight of the White Heron” – Movietone films the Queen’s tour of the Commonwealth using the CinemaScope system.
Episode fifteen – “The Le Mans crash 1955″ – How British Movietonews came to an editorial decision concerning the footage from the tragic events at Le Mans.
Episode sixteen – “Only one eye, but what an eye” – my attempts to progress and become a Movietone cameraman and the barriers and people in my way.
Episode seventeen – “Film editing – finishing school” – preparing for a future career in film editing.
Episode eighteen – “Returning to Movietone 1961″ – looking for work on my return to England from Australia and the story of the job I turned down.
Episode nineteen – “Betting Shops 1961″ – directing an item for Movietone on the legalisation of Betting Shops.
Episode twenty – “Movietone’s FA Cup coverage” – Attempts to improve Movietone’s coverage of football, starting with the 1961 FA Cup Final.
Episode twenty one – “The evacuation of Tristan Da Cuhna” – meeting the islanders after their evacuation in Southampton, and editing footage thought impossible to edit.
Episode twenty two – “The 1962 Grand National” – The great steeplechase filmed in colour when Movietonews and Pathe pooled resources to get the film back to London fast.
Episode twenty three – “Ken Hanshaw Algeria 1962″ – an example of ingenuity from Ken Hanshaw which preserved a valuable roll of footage.
Episode twenty four – “Some guy leaning on a fence” – meeting Sir Lawrence Olivier on the opening of the Chichester Festival Theatre.
Episode twenty five – “A plane crash at Denham” – phoning the emergency services from my office at Movietone before an accident occurred.
Episode twenty six – “Coventry Cathedral 1962″ – arranging the filming of the opening ceremony for Movietone.
Episode twenty seven – “Libyan earthquake 1963″ – The story of how cameraman Ian Grant arrived in Libya without a visa and brought back the rushes quickly.
Episode twenty eight – “Movietone and the UPI Wire Service” – long before the internet and emails, how Movietone communicated worldwide via the teleprinter.
Episode twenty nine – “Cleopatra and the Christmas Bonus 1963″ – How going over budget affected the pockets of Movietone employees in 1963.
Episode thirty – “The Beatles come home” – the filming of an item for Movietone on the return of the Beatles from their first American tour.
Episode thirty one – “15 assignments a day” – how the job of assignments manager grew due to the increasing demands of clients.

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