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Wedding Day and a combined operation

Sometime in August of 1958, Janet and I decided to fix a wedding date.  A church wedding had to be performed in the parish of the bride, but, at that time, Janet was living in the heart of Melbourne.

Jim Healy, at this time the film editor at GTV, had taken a rented house with his wife and they offered the address from which Janet would be married.  It was in Moorabbin.

Janet and I went off to meet the Reverend Tubbs at St. David’s Church in Moorabbin,

The date was to be February 21st, 1959, wow, fifty-four years ago.

Having made a lot of friends among my working colleagues at both GTV and ABV2, they was to be a large turnout at the church and a sizeable guest list at the House.

The wedding was set for 2.30pm and, when I arrived with my friend Dick Coggan, best man, there were almost a hundred people milling about outside the church.

I also noticed that there was a cameraman working. It was Brian Merritt who had worked with me at GTV and was a great friend.  He had decided to come along with camera and film to record the great day.

We went into the church, most of the milling crowd were now assembled inside and the ceremony took place without a hitch.

When we came out into the sunlight, I could see another cameraman in action.   This was Peter Purvis, another friend with whom I had worked at GTV and, at this time, he was working with ABV2.

wedding37We had already ask Bob Lord, cameraman at GTV, to handle the photographs.   Bob was an established photographer and had photographed a great number of weddings.

While posing for the inevitable photographs outside the church, I saw a third cameraman in action.  He was Robin Clarke, cameraman  of HSV. What was he doing here ?   Well, he was filming our wedding as well.

Later we found out that the whole thing had been pre-arranged.  A cameraman from each of the broadcasting stations would film the proceedings and the film would be processed at Cinevex, the laboratory used by ABV2..

wedding36Dennis Wahren, film editor at ABV2,  undertook to edit the film which was a wonderful memento of the great day.  I often wonder whether there was any other occasion when the three stations had co-operated in such a manner.  We still have the film and we had a CD made from it.

The film is the original reversal, edited by Dennis, and his joins are still holding after half a century.

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  1. Colin Gallacher #

    What a sneaky lot … many congratulations on 54 years … many congratulations on a very special piece of newsreel with the joins still holdong together

    February 26, 2013
  2. Thanks Colin. I suppose we forgot about it by the time you arived. Glad you have been able to watch it.

    February 28, 2013
  3. Nikki Hazelton #

    What a beautifully shot film (no suprise with so much expertise at hand) and I have to say a beautiful and dashing couple and you haven’t changed a bit – no you ‘really’ haven’t changed!

    February 28, 2013
  4. Jenny Canty #

    Thank you so much for providing our family with a beautiful memory.

    July 5, 2013
  5. Madeleine #

    Thank you for uploading this footage! Means a lot to be able to watch Fran my Nanna in her younger days. Beautiful wedding:)

    July 6, 2013
  6. Johnsan #

    1939 – 1965 was the time of a Reverend Roy TUNKS at St. David’s Moorabbin. Have not seen a Reverend Tubbs in the list of the former priests. Unless the Reverend referred to above here was a visiting priest. I am the current minister at the church. I enjoyed the footage of the old church, thank you.

    April 22, 2014

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