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News of the World Darts


I was asked to make a film of the “News of the World” Darts Championship which took place at Alexandra Palace each year.

I did it with three cameras, one of which was permanently on the dartboard, another from behind the thrower and the third looking back at the thrower.  It worked well.  However, I nearly missed the start of the tournament.

I ordered a mini cab from Abbey, with whom UPITN had a contract.  They were a small firm and had drivers of wildly varying ability.  I got in the car with a colleague and I said that we wished to go to Alexandra Palace.  We sat back and talked.

Suddenly I realised that we were driving south.  I said to the driver “Are we going the long way round ?” .  He said “Waddya mean ?”  I said” We appear to be heading south and the Palace is to the north”.  He said “Crystal Palace is south”.

I said ”Well, we have changed our minds and we now like to go to Alexandra Palace near Finsbury Park”.  We got there at the last minute.  Fortunately, I had fully briefed the crews beforehand and they had got set up without any further help from me.

Alexandra Palace was built in an area between ...

Alexandra Palace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What was always a mystery to me was the fact that there was a large audience, over a thousand, inside Ally Pally and they were not offered a large screen represdntation of the dart board.  That came later with the introduction of a large dart board, set up alongside the actual dart board, on which an operator could show a light representing the location of each dart.

For many years  now, it has been possible to show the actual dart board on a big screen, but when I see the recent broadcasts of tournaments on television, there does not seem to be any such thing.

Our film included shots of the dartboard in full screen.  It was quite impressive.

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